Claim Your Breakthrough! 

There's something amazing for you just around the corner

You know deep within that you are ready for more and all it is really going to take is you getting honest with yourself. You already have all the answers within you and now it's time that you bust through all of your own BS and bask in the clarity of how things are really supposed to be.  

When things start feeling a bit all over the place, there’s usually a transformation coming your way - but only if you’re ready to make it happen! Amazing transformations don’t just happen overnight. They take time and effort, and decent amounts of emotional struggle. But if you’ve checked all that off the list, if you’re done wondering what’s really holding you back and ready to find answers and take committed action, then your amazing transformation can start right now! 

Really what it comes down to is you desperatley wanting to live your LIFE on YOUR terms!  

So will the REAL you please stand up!! 

The REAL you who is moving through this thing called life purposely and with focused intention

The REAL you who allows the QUEEN within to be unleased and no longer play small

The REAL you who doens't give a damn about the status quo and owns her uniquness

You KNOW this woman lives inside of you

You can feel her wanting to be unleashed

So love what are you going to do? Continue to let the queen within remain a hostage?

Welcome To Breakthrough Your Limits

An Intense 7- week program for ambitious, driven, fierce women who want results in business and life and who simply want MORE!

There’s a woman inside of you that craves more. 

Wants more. 

Needs more.

 Just doesn’t know what it is. Or how to get it. 

During my 7-week group coaching program we’re going to dust the queen within off, help her get clear on her goals, define what’s stopping her and learn how to overcome the limiting beliefs holding her back and put her in charge of her throne. 

You and I both know that you desire MORE from your life and your business. 

And when I talk about wanting and getting more, I mean more of EVERYTHING.  

More happiness. 

More confidence. 

More time. 

More energy. 

More health. 

More money. 

More love. 

More clients.

More strength and commitment. 

More inspiration and boldness.

 More of the right decisions. 

More of everything… It’s just a click a away. 

But before you click that button, you should know how exactly Breakthrough Your Limits will get you there. 

Here’s what we will cover:

Module 1 - Time To Get Real

 We will create crystal clear clarity and intention around the business and life you want to live and what you deeply crave to create in all areas of your existence. You will learn how to identify what you want, why you want it (and not all the surface level fluff that you tell yourself), and most importantly how to get it. 

You will be able to use the techniques I teach you for life, as what you want, why you want it and how to get it usually changes after every dream realized. 

Module 2 - Confronting The Inner Critic

During this week you will FINALLY understand exactly what holds you back. Your fears, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk are something you may not be aware of right now, but when Breakthrough Your Limits is over you will be able to identify every single thing that stops you from being the best you can be - and you will be able to work through it too. 

Module 3 -From Resistance to Flow 

We are going to deep dive into identifying your resistance and how it manifests itself in your life. When you know how your resistance shows up you can drop kick it and start living life from a place of flow.  

Module 4 - Journal Your Way to Freedom 

Journaling is a practice that so many people are sleeping on. During this week we will discuss the super simple techniques that will bring your desires into alignment and into the physical space of realization. You will learn how to create your beautiful breakthrough through the power of journaling.

Module 5 - The Principle of Release

During this week we will discover the things you are holding onto that are not allowing you to shift into your breakthrough. The things that are blocking your ability to manifest your desires. You may be surprised to realize that the thing you thought you let go of is really playing a part in shaping your life. This week will be all about releasing what isn't serving you anymore. I will share with you two powerful techniques to help you release and shift into your own personal power. 

Module 6 - Self-Worth & Confidence Elevation 

During this week you will learn who you truly are from a spiritual perspective and what you are made. We are going to get you in alignment with your true divine nature. We will do some powerful self-image revision work that will further reveal the powerful woman within. I will work with you in understanding how to be a magnetic woman who attracts the things to her that she desires. Finally we will work on how this new level of self-worth and confidence is expressed to the world outside of you. 

Module 7 - Shift Up or Shut UP!

No more excuses. Time to make a decision. Time to commit to taking the action required to shift up! This week you will know exactly what you need to do in order to shift up and STEP INTO your BREAKTHOUGH. Together we will define your Purpose Plan that will have you taking the aligned ACTION that will get you RESULTS that you desire. If you decide not to take the necessary action, you will have no room to complain.


When I started working with Kendra Woods, I was at a dead place in my life. I was tired of being sick and tired. Having self inflicting thoughts about myself was blocking my growth, not allowing me to become who I was destined to be. 

The enemy knew how significant I was and I believe that's why the fight was so hard. He never wanted me to tap into my truth. Kendra has help me uncover what was inside of me. The truth that I knew for sure about myself. 

She has help me to realize how powerful I was and how to step into my authority. The tools she has given me gave me a fresh start at life, allowing me to move forward with confidence. I got my life back!  

Kendra, I am so thankful for you! You have help change my entire life! Thank you once again!  

Much Love, Sonya P.

Working with Kendra is a mandatory for me! She has an innate ability to hear the things you are not saying but is the root issue of your problem and zoom right into those points. 

Her coaching approach of love and directness is so refreshing. When I first reached out to Kendra I was in the middle of a mindset downward spiral. Even though I knew I needed help, I was still spitting out sexy excuses like Jay-Z. LOL 

In 60 minutes of working with Kendra, I stopped the excuses and started taking accountability for my part, recognizing what was not in my control and what is part of the journey of being an entrepreneur. 

I love that she gave me homework and followed up with me. Since that one meeting, I have increased my following of people in my business, became crystal clear of my niche and who I truly serve. I highly recommend Kendra and plan to offer her services to my clients.

Renee M. Lamb 

~Business Strategist

After speaking with Kendra Woods in a discovery call, I knew I made the right decision to work with her. She knew precisely what I needed and told me exactly how she could help me move forward in my journey of becoming. 

I would describe my former state as "sitting on my greatness thinking i was protecting it" but i was hiding and wanted so badly to "be okay" with the process of becoming who I wanted to be.  

I was in that "in between place", waiting for some outward sign and wondering what would it take besides time to get to where I wanted to be.I was doubting myself and my journey. It's hard to be in a place like that and make steady progress.  

When I talked to Kendra in our first session in Breakthrough Your Limits, I said "No wonder I was so overwhelmed, I was carrying ALL of that!"  

The weeks seem to go by perfectly. Everything I needed, we discussed and worked through. Mindset was the thing that I just couldn't put my finger on in my entrepreneur journey. It's like trying to paint with red and all you think you have is blue. 

 Kendra's presence is so full of love and care. She speaks from her own journey and clearly has made huge steps in her own success. I knew I needed to work with her personally when I was ready to move forward in my journey. I was ready to face the inner tension with help from a coach.

 An important factor for me when choosing a coach is working with someone who is loving, authentic and clearly successful. She speaks from her heart and has a gift for connecting with clients.  

After our sessions, I now know how to move forward and build momentum in my journey- from the heart. I stayed in my head so many years and now the possibilities are endless and exploring them is absolutely fun!  

To any woman wondering if coaching is a great fit for them, I would say talk to Kendra and explore the resources she has created through her blog, e-books and videos. 

 She is available to powerfully help any woman who is ready to move forward in their journey.

Kimberly Jefferson 

~Wellness Coach


 I Used The Breakthrough Process I Created 

 And it works like a charm

While many people try to measure happiness by listing what and who they have in their lives, we all know what really matters - emotions. That’s right, the way you feel is a completely accurate barometer of where you are. And a few years ago, I felt horrible.

 I know what it’s like to want more out of life and to actually believe deep within yourself that it can happen but not know how to make it happen. I spent years doing what I thought was the right way to do things, to build the life that I thought I wanted but when it came down to it there was something missing. This nagging feeling within my gut that there was more that I was supposed to be doing wouldn't go away. I didn’t want to settle for just second best in my life. 

I wanted it ALL but didn’t quite have the courage to go after it and honestly didn’t know HOW to go after it. I wanted to pull the desire that was deep within me out but was so worried about what others would think, I know what it’s like to wonder if you are different because you want something MORE when others around you seem to be content just where they are. It’s painful at times and downright agonizing to wake up each day longing to get what’s inside of you out but not knowing how to really do it. 

I walked around for so long looking outside of myself for validation and for someone to take me under their wing and show me HOW to bring out my genius. At the point where it was so painful, I mean physically painful, I knew that I had to do something and something pretty darn courageous in order for me to get what I wanted! 

It matters because if you really think about it we are masterpieces and we aren’t meant to just settle for what is. We are creators and I feel like we should freaking create – we have been giving this magnificent power and I want to show you how to freaking use it!!!! Create the breakthrough so that you can live YOUR life and not a life based on circumstances  

I grew up thinking that my voice and opinion didn’t really matter and so the only way I could contribute and feel good about myself is by becoming a people pleaser and a thorough perfectionist. Sooner or later, something had to give and it did. In my adult life I found myself suffering from anxiety attacks that were only getting worse. But during one of them something amazing happened. I got my breakthrough. I knew it wasn’t my outside world that was the problem, it was my MIND. My heart, my soul. My point of view. And once I worked on that, the anxiety attacks were gone for good. 

So here’s my question for you: how do you feel? And don’t try to negate the answer by telling yourself that even though sometimes you feel confused, anxious, worried, scared or mad, other times you’re great. You’re not where you want to be. It’s ok to admit that. It’s okay to accept that you aren't where you KNOW you desire to be because only after you accept that can you do something about it. 

 Do Something About It! 

 It’s time… 

The bad news is, things won’t change on their own. The incredibly awesome news is that you can change them. All you need to do is to act. So are you ready? 

If so, click below to join me and other ambitious, driven, ready to lean into life women in my intense 7-week Breakthrough Your Limits program now.  

HI I'M KENDRA WOODS!! I am a Mindset Coach, Business Mentor, Author and Speaker with a Business degree from Georgia State University and an MBA from Columbia Southern University. I am the founder of and Kendra Woods International, LLC. It is my life's mission to encourage, inspire and empower women to transform their businesses and lives by breaking through limiting believes and fully accepting their worth. I believe that we have to break free from the bondage of our minds in order to pursue the life that we desire and deserve. I work with women who are ambitious, driven, determined, multi-passionate and ready to take their life to a new level. Through my work I am able to help women achieve a new reality for themselves through my online group and private coaching programs. What I know is that we sometimes are our own worst enemy when we choose to think about ourselves or our circumstances negatively; where the mind goes the heart follows. It is my intention to impact this world by teaching women how to elevate their thought life which will in turn elevate all areas of her life. If you feel called to participate in this offer I would be delighted to guide you. All my love, Kendra The Mindset Queen 


The investment for this program is $997 for paid in full or 2 payments of $523.50 over two months.  



7-Weeks of Breakthrough Your Limits  


Three (3) Private 45 minute 1:1 Breakthrough and Alignment Sessions  

The early bird investment for the VIP package is $1197 paid in full or 2 payments of $623.50 over two months.  



Bonus #1 – You get my AMAZING 3 Day training Potential Unleashed where I teach you exactly what you need to implement in order to unlock all the greatness within you. This training is POWERFUL and yours to have forever.  

Bonus #2 – The SOAR journal by Black Rock. A beautiful, inspiring journal for you to write down your thoughts, desires and new beliefs. It is wire bound making it easy to write on the 160 pages of lined paper. 

Bonus #3 - The 5 part training of Mindset Magic, where I teach you how to elevate your mind and elevate your life.



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